CenClear Special Event

ALICE & JIMMY’S EPIC ROCK DREAM by Adam Swartz Puppets

Wednesday, July 10 at 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM
Location: VFW Behind CenClear Booth (Front St.)

ALICE & JIMMY’S EPIC ROCK DREAM by Adam Swartz Puppets

About the Show: Children and adults alike will be encouraged to join in the fun and work together with puppets Alice and Jimmy as they face their fears and realize their dreams. Our heroes will travel far from home and each other and encounter bullies, make new friends, and need lots of help from the audience along the way. This show features a variety of musical styles and two original songs.

About Adam: Adam Swartz has a degree in Integrative Arts from Penn State University. He has been traveling the United States since 1999, using his powers of storytelling and puppetry for good. He has a background in performance, multimedia visual art, technical theater, and education. Adam gained much insight and experience training with the Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy at a series of workshops, as well as Sesame Workshop puppeteers at a week-long invitational workshop. He also ventured from Pennsylvania to the University of North Texas for “Beyond the Sock,” another week of training with skilled muppeteers.

Sponsored by:

  • CenClear
  • Pennsylvania Council On The Arts
  • Pennsylvania Partners In The Arts: Project Stream


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