Philipsburg Heritage Days

Remember When...

Welcome to the special slideshow featuring 2010 Heritage Days' theme - Remember When...

The Philipsburg Heritage Days Committee identified a few landmarks that stood in downtown and surrounding areas, and over the last few weeks we gathered old photos and brief history of each building. We then went around and took photos of the current structures, trying to maintain the angle and location as best as possible. The end result is a slideshow showcasing old structures and their current versions.

Remember When

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The slideshow requires broadband (cable modem or DSL) Internet connection and Adobe Flash Player. Click on the image above to play the slideshow. The slideshow will open in new window. Turn up your speakers for the background music.

We would like to thank the following for their contribution:

Nathan Myers - playing the piano for the background music, "Deep in the heart of the Alleghenies", composed by local composer the late Jack Fulton.

Philipsburg Journal and Philipsburg Historical Foundation for their time researching the history of each landmark.

Philipsburg Historical Foundation for the "old" version of the photos.

The new photos and slides were prepared by the Heritage Days Committee.


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